Whoa! This TikToker recreated Taylor Swift’s Oscar de la Renta robe from the Grammys

Designer and TikTok star Sarah Hambly created a nearly identical copy of Taylor Swift’s dress at the 2021 Grammy Awards without breaking out a 3D printer. The attention to detail is remarkable. Oscar de la Renta’s mini dress was made from beige organza with floral appliqués and had a high neckline and bell sleeves that gave it a 70s-inspired vibe. Using lots of thread and an elastic sewing machine, Sarah spent the next three weeks creating the dress from scratch, and the end result is a feather masterpiece.

Using a mesh fabric she’d dyed nude and coated with a water-soluble stabilizer – to avoid tearing like the seam Taylor tore under her right arm on Grammy’s night – Sarah went to work on her embroidery machine. “I just sat here and counted stitches and changed the thread, changed the needles and just worked with it,” she told POPSUGAR. “I definitely didn’t have any of the flowers she has on hers. I printed out pictures of her and put them next to the machine so I can try to get colors close, but you can’t make it the same. It’s one of one . “

“A lot of people have asked to buy it. Some people have asked how to do it.”

Halfway through the sleeves, Sarah’s embroidery machine didn’t work properly, ruining the alignment and forcing her to start over, but the end result was worth it for the flawless replica. “It’s probably nearly $ 1,200 in the thread alone,” she said. “And then the cloth and the dying was less than a hundred dollars. Then the work of sitting here for three weeks, every day, 12 hours a day, would probably be about the same price as the dress, about $ 9,000 of work.” Just like Taylor, Sarah even paired the final look – which she plans to rock at her family’s Memorial Day barbecue – with a handcrafted floral face mask.

Sarah’s first big project was a Hannibal-Inspired look at her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con in 2016 when she first started sewing. Between January 2020 and December 2020, she completed 113 dresses. “It gets boring very quickly in quarantine,” she said. Today she is best known for her zodiac-inspired dresses, signature princess-style dresses (yes there is a strawberry dress), and her replica of Ariana Grande’s gray Giambattista Valli dress at the 2020 Grammy Awards, which earned her a casual 30 million views over night. “It was really hard to work with all that tulle,” Sarah said, adding that she worked 14-hour days for a week to complete the look.

To make room in her closet, Sarah often recycles her finished looks into new products or sells them at Depop. “”[My followers] I think it’s really neat, a lot of people have asked to buy it, “she said of the Oscar de la Renta remake.” Some people asked how to do it and then I took a few people through learning about embroidery machines and what is a good price range, what is a good machine, and a lot of people wanted to do it. ”

While waiting for another celebrity moment worth copying, Sarah, who teased a possible collaboration with Netflix, plans to work on her first official clothing line, set to debut in May or June 2021. “I’ve dreamed of it forever, but definitely a social media presence brought it to life so I’m very excited about it,” she said. Check out her handcrafted dresses from Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande Grammys.

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