Whoa, now you can store for classic at Nordstrom – it is all in our basket right here

Just when I thought my love for Nordstrom couldn’t get any deeper, the retailer launches a vintage range on their website – and I’m totally obsessed. As a vintage enthusiast and loyal Nordstrom buyer, Synthesis is a dream that will transform the way we think about buying new things through a digital-first and sustainable approach to frugality.

Goodfair continues to expand Nordstroms Sustainable style Category designed to help customers discover products that are made from sustainably sourced materials, are made in factories with higher social or environmental standards, or that give something back with every purchase. This is the first time Nordstrom works with a brand to introduce vintage clothing that brings the Nordstrom customer to a whole new category.

From one-of-a-kind t-shirts to branded jackets to old-school sweaters and more – all for a reasonable price between $ 40 and $ 80 – Goodfair will be posting new styles on Nordstrom’s website every month.

Since new vintage items just got on the site today, I’m sharing below the coolest items you can get your hands on before they sell out and trust me – these are going to sell out fast!

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