Who performs Rachel within the wild? Reign of Edward, a lady with impeccably cool model

Reign Edwards plays Rachel Reid on Amazon Prime The wilderness, a character that cannot be described without using the word intensely. Edwards, the 24-year-old actress also known for her role as Melody Wright on FX Snowfallis brave himself with a matching wardrobe. A scroll through her Instagram feed shows that she can just as easily wear sweatpants and the latest in desirable designer sneakers as she can wearing a dramatic dress on the red carpet.

Edwards worked with stylist Julian Lark on many of her previous appearances, preferring dresses with asymmetrical detailing and pearls – two of her most memorable were from Esé Azénabor Atelier. But she is clearly a style chameleon. You have the feeling that she is wearing what she wants, because sometimes well-cut shorts and relaxed trousers are also eventful for the star.

While we mostly see Edwards in leggings and a Speedo in The wilderness, (her character is an incredible athlete and diver) it is clear that IRL, her outfits really set the tone. Pre-check out some of our favorite looks she’s worn so far and watch closely as she becomes a must in Hollywood and probably the fashion world as well.

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