Whitney Peaks outfit on the Gossip Lady premiere seems like a nod to Jenny Humphrey

The new gossip Girl At the NYC premiere Wednesday night, the cast finally made their red carpet debut like we weren’t already so hyped for the reboot, which will air on July 8th, whitney peaks head-to-toe Chanel ensemble, just fitting for one freshly baked member of the elite of Manhattan. The actress, who plays Zoya Lott, walked the red carpet in a beautiful embroidered bustier dress with a matching organza cape from Chanel’s pre-fall 2021 collection. And as a Chanel ambassador, Whitney wore jewelry, shoes and even makeup from the luxury brand, of course.

I don’t know about you, but the vampire vibe immediately reminded me of none other than Jenny Humphrey, whom, interestingly, many fans have compared Zoya to since more details of the reboot emerged. Maybe Whitney wanted to give her inspo a subtle greeting before the show? For what it’s worth, I could imagine Little J wearing something like this. Even so, Whitney certainly exuded the energy of a new It girl in her statement look. See close-ups of the budding star’s red carpet outfit ahead of time.

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