White lace attire for particular events

I’ve always loved white lace dresses. And I’ve borne my fair share over the year. I took white lace dresses to fashion week, Australia, and even a Halloween party. Most recently, I fell in love with the details of this high-necked white lace dress. I had nowhere to wear anywhere in the near future, so my photographer Mun and I set up tea on the lawn. It was so much fun dressing up and the dress made me feel special.

Speaking of special, white lace dresses are the perfect item of clothing for special occasions. I always recommend them when people ask what to wear for graduation. And I’ve found my friends many white dresses over the years to wear to events leading up to their weddings. If you’re having a special occasion – or just want to feel like you’re dressing up like me – I’ve rounded up a few more clothing options below …

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