While you obtain these fashionable Android and iPhone apps, you may need to pay a giant invoice

Android smartphone users are no stranger to warnings of dangerous apps lurking in the depths of the Google Play Store. However, the latest threat affects both iPhone owners and their Android counterparts. Users were put on alert after Avast security researchers released a report singling out hundreds of apps designed to trick users into spending huge sums of money once the software was downloaded and installed on their devices.

This type of threat is known as “fleeceware” because users often do not know what fees to pay for using an app. The developers therefore harass them by keeping the costs of installing the apps a secret.

It’s clearly a big problem. According to Avast, this latest suite of applications has been downloaded between iPhone and Android over a billion times and generated a staggering $ 400 million (£ 300 million) in revenue for the developers of these “fleeceware” apps.

To entice users to download, the developers are offering a free trial. Once this finishes, the automatic charges will be debited from bank accounts linked to your Play Store or App Store account. This, of course, is the same way that legitimate apps like Candy Crush work – but what sets “Fleeceware” apart is that you are often charged for nothing or an exorbitant amount in return (a couple of wallpapers, for example).

One of the apps Avast discovered offers a short free trial. Once this ends, users will be billed a whopping $ 66 per week subscription which could cost the victim $ 3,432 (£ 2,500) per year unless canceled.

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Avast has now published advice on avoiding these fleeceware apps. The security team said, “As subscriptions become more common in app stores, users are encouraged to be vigilant while downloading and using applications.”

To avoid fleece, Avast says:

• Be careful with free trials of less than a week. Applications that offer free trials for a very short time should be treated with caution. Make sure you understand how much you’re being charged and that the app is worth the recurring fee.

• Be wary of viral ads for apps. The advertisements for fleeceware are likely to have enticing messages and images to grab users’ attention. They are unlikely to reflect the actual functionality of the application.

• Read the fine print. A closer look will likely reveal the app’s true price. Read the details of the application carefully, referring to the “In-App Purchases” sections. Familiarize yourself with the terms of your subscription, even if it is a free trial, as automatic fees may apply afterwards.

• Secure your payments. Make sure your payment methods are locked behind a password or biometric check. This can also prevent accidental subscriptions from children.


Android users need to delete the following apps from their devices ~

Piano Free – Keyboard with Magic Tiles music games

edjing Mix – Free Music DJ App

Real Guitar Free – Chords, Tabs & Simulator Games

Desire for slime

FortuneScope: Live Palm Reader and Fortune Teller

ToonMe – cartoon self photo editor

Guitar – play music games, pro tabs and chords!

Drums: real drum music games to play and learn to play with

Drum Set Music Games & Drums Kit Simulator

Drum Pads – Beat Maker Go

Piano – play music and learn

Beat Maker Pro – Music Maker Drum Pad

Magic Face: face aging, young camera, fantastic app

ToonApp: AI Cartoon Photo Editor, cartoon itself

Palm Secret – Palm Reader, cartoon photo, fun


Daily horoscope, palmistry, numerology – Astroline

Insta Story Art Maker for Instagram – StoryChic

FX master

Sing karaoke songs!

Relax – Daily Palmistry, Future Baby, Palm Scanner

Life Coach: Predicting Baby, Palm Reader & Facial Aging

QR & barcode scanner

Palm Reader – horoscope, palmistry and fortune telling

Palm Reading: Predicting the Future through Palm Reading

Fog: Horoscope & Astrology

Life Palmistry – AI Palm & Gender & Prediction

Miami Rope Hero – Light Speed ​​Frog Black ninja hole

Motorcycle Games 2020 – New Bike Racing Game

Sticky Slime – ASMR slime simulator

TeasEar – ASMR meditation and slime simulator games

Realistic ASMR slime simulator

Slime Simulator – Super ASMR game

BeSticky – Sticker Maker for WhatsApp

Dj it! – music mixer

Jambl: Beat Maker & Dj Music Creator

Loop Maker Pro – music maker

Piano – music games for playing and learning songs for free

Guitar Tuner Pro – Tune your guitar, bass and ukulele

Guitar Playing – Games & Songs

Famio: Connect with the family

AiScan: All QR code, scanner and barcode reading devices

PDF document scanner

Photo Editor Pro – Kooky

Palmistry – a short Chinese guide to palm reading

SeekMe – Palm Scan Cartoon Camera Baby Prediction

My Palmistry & Astrology: Face Aging & Palm Reader

Jelly: Slimes & ASMR, anti-stress simulation games

Sticky Slime – Fancy Slime Simulator ASMR

Horoscope 2019 and palmistry – everyday forecast

Slimes satisfy asmr. Do diy. Schleimmacher

Plant lens – plant and flower identification

Easy presets

FortuneScan – Predicting the Future through Palm Reading

Eon – astrology and daily horoscope

Fortunescan – Palmistry, Palm Reader & Horoscope

Stellium daily horoscope

PalmistryHD – Palm Reading & Daily Horoscope

Palm Expert – reading palmistry, horoscopes and tarot


Astrology & Palm Master

Facetory: Facial Yoga & Facial Exercises

Blossom – Plant Identification App

Music Zen – Relaxing sounds

PDF Document Reader

DayStress Relief: Relaxation and anti-stress app

Tarot numerology: reading cards

Astrospot: horoscope matches, daily predictions

Perfect Slime Simulator – ASMR & Satisfying Game

Face scan: horoscope & astrology

iPhone owners need to delete the following apps from their devices ~

Filterra – photo editor

Frames – Picture Collage Maker

Facelab – Face Editor & Beauty

TeasEar: ASMR Slime Antistress

StoryChic – IG story templates

Photo Splash – photo editor

Fog: Horoscope & Astrology

Cute Selfie: Photo Editor, Cam

Cartoon yourself & caricature

Astroline: The daily horoscope

FLMX – Video Editor

Stickerfy: Sticker Maker

Pixomatic – eraser in the background

SpeedPro Slow video editing

Fortunescope: Palm Reader

Music Zen – Relaxing sounds

Sticker Maker – BeSticky

Picsjoy: Image processing & cropping

Photo for sketching – drawing book

FX master

Mood balance: journal, tracker

Preferences for Lightroom – Vidl

Puzzle – brain games

Lift: Story Maker

Dazzle – Insta Stories Editor

Baby Sticker – Track Milestones

Life Palmistry – AI Palm & Tag

Girl Games & Fun Cooking Games

Remove the photoly object and editor

Facetory: Facial Yoga & Movement

VOCHI Cool Video Effects Maker

Happy life – future seekers

Voice Changer – Avatar

Face Seer – Time Traces

Dazz Cam-D3D photo effect

Translator -AI & real time

Picsloop cartoon & D3D effect

Beat.ly Music Video Maker

Funny clip maker

Pixels – color by numbers

Cartoon Photo Editor-Comic Art

Youni – photo effects, presets

UltraFX – Effect Video Maker

Girls Games: Unicorn Slime

Everbloom – Stories Editor

Printed – Insta Story Editor

PDF scanner: document scanning

Zodiac Astrology & Horoscope

Beat.ly – music video maker

Dizzi – photo and video effects

TikCut – Video Editor Tempo MV

Hyper Cleaner: clean phone

Photic – Pic & Photo Editor

Highlight Story Cover Maker!

Cartoonify Photo Editor Camera

PicMagic- Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoons Me – photo art editor

Vidos – music video maker

Camera +: Photo video & cutout

Piconic – image editing & collage

Cute Pictures – Baby Photo Editor

FX Mage – Magical Video Effects

Slimy: Anxiety Relief Slime 3D

Frame – Slideshow Video Maker

Car Sticker Maker Studio

iCons – Icon Changer App +

ToonApp Cartoon Photo Editor

MagicFX – Magic video effects

Horoscope 2019 and Palm Reader

PolyColor – color by polygon

Famous: celebrity look Alike

BoomArt – Auto Cutout

Slime Boutique by TeasEar

Handset – Second phone number

Pixpic color by number

SlidePic – Slideshow Maker

Widja – photo widgets

Astro + horoscope & astrology

FaceMe – Funny personality tests

Watercolor effect oil painting

Widget PLUS + – Photo & Weather

Wordy – word search adventure

KeyTune – Custom keyboard

aipic – Magic Photo Editor

PicsFX: photo and video editor

Path – Horoscope & Astrology

Magical makeup – tattoo design

tmm – Chat Fiction Stories

Photo collage – Collageable

Follower + -My Ins reports

Hub – Story Templates Maker

iWidget Pro: Custom widgets

VidTempo – music video maker

Video Puzzles – Magic Puzzle

Funny Face Swap Me – GIF Maker

Body Editor: Male Body & Hair

Flame: Smart Online App

Menu Maker!

Fortunescan: Palmistry Online

Video Maker – Photo Effects

edjing Mix – DJ App

Guitar – chords, tabs & games

Piano Lessons & Tile Games

Beat Maker Go – make music

WeDrum: drums, real drum games

Metronome – Tap Tempo and Rhythm

Guitar tuner – ukulele & bass

Guitar – real games & lessons

Drums: Play Beats & Drum Games

Piano – music & keyboard play

Guitar tuner pro, bass, ukulele

Beat Maker Pro – DJ Drum Pad

Karaoke songs – vocals

Piano Crush – keyboard games

edjing Pro – music remix maker

Dj it! – Music mixing pad

Jambl: DJ Band & Beat Maker

Guitar Playing – Games & Songs

Memoristo: brain test, IQ game

Loop Maker Pro – music maker

Metronome Pro – Beat & Tempo

Equalizer + HD music player

Bass Booster Volume power amplifier

Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App

ScanGuru: PDF document scanner

Drinking water ∙ Daily reminder

Password manager – lock apps

Live wallpaper maker: 4K theme

RECOLLECT: color by number

Avatar Maker Character Creator

Translator Guru: Voice & Text

Ringtones HD ∙ Ringtone Maker

Scanner app ∙ Scan and sign PDF

Translate camera – keep talking

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