Which Euphoria character fits your model? The reply could be sophisticated


I was one of those people who excitedly tuned in euphoriaSeason 2 premiere, eyes on the screen as I watched the terrified plot unfold. The HBO hit show has built a dedicated audience for its sobering portrayal of adolescence (and all the love interests, connections, heartbreak, and fixations that come with it), but fans are also raving about the fashion moments.

Enter the work of costume designer Heidi Bivens. The former fashion editor is notable for pairing the cast with clothes that reflect their personalities and emotional arcs. From Rue’s informal uniform to Maddy’s ultra-sexy outfits, the show’s fashion can only be described as highly individualistic, intentionally enriching each person’s story. As she told POPSUGAR: “euphoria, as a television show, provides more opportunity to learn about the characters and create nuance in the costumes if needed or desired.” Careful planning and extensive sourcing go into the final costumes, but they all feel rooted in today’s fashion trends. especially when you notice Jules’ Y2K-inspired pleated skirts and tiny tops from season one.

Even though the inspiration is focused on a specific period of our lives, we still find our individual tastes reflected in the characters’ looks. That’s what makes the show so likeable. Kat’s bondage-inspired attire feels empowering on screen, while Cassie’s girly ensembles betray her innocence. The styles are as diverse as they are full of meaning, which is why it can be difficult to identify with just one character. Whose style best suits yours? The answer may not be that simple.

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