When she’s not freaking out for Group USA, Jordan Chiles’ sneaker type is gold medal worthy

Jordan Chiles is on her way to Tokyo for the Olympics and we can guarantee that she has a suitcase full of exclusive trainers. The 20-year-old athlete is part of the four-person women’s artistic gymnastics team that represents Team USA at the Games, and when she’s not playing with her teammates Simone Biles, Suni Lee and Grace McCallum, she rocks some really cool kicks. Some may take it for a coincidence or some say the stars were aligned from birth, but Jordan’s love for Air Jordans just cannot be ignored. It makes perfect sense that her mom named her after Michael Jordan! She even wore a pair of patriotic low-tops after competing in the 2021 US Gymnastics Olympic Trials in St. Louis.

Jordan is an inspiration to so many young girls who admire her tenacity, athleticism and talent, but her sneaker closet is an inspiration too. She often pairs clothes from her company Melanin Drip Clothing Co. with stylish shoes, and Jordan records many of her TikTok videos in front of her shoe collection. Check out some of their best sneaker styles ahead of time and look forward to seeing Jordan flaunt her shoes and incredibly impressive skills in Tokyo.

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