WhatsApp may lastly repair its greatest flaw as main Apple and Android upgrades are deliberate

WhatsApp has had a busy few months making a number of changes to its hugely popular chat app. Recent updates included plug-in calls, an easier way to switch between Android and iPhone, and the introduction of multi-device support that allows chats to be sent on a wide range of devices without the need for a smartphone. But it seems the Facebook-owned company isn’t going to stop there, with a number of reports suggesting more changes are coming, including one that will finally fix a major mess with this service.

If you’ve ever tried sending a chat through your iPad, you’ll know how frustrating it is. There is currently no dedicated app for Apple’s tablet which has been a huge nightmare for the millions of people who love these larger devices every day.

Fortunately, this very irritating issue seems to be addressed in an upcoming update that will finally show chats on this bigger screen. The company is currently working on a release, according to the ever-trusted team at WABetainfo, who are sifting through WhatsApp’s beta software.

In a post on Twitter, WABetainfo said, “WhatsApp is finally working on Multi-Device 2.0, and you can use the iPad as a new linked device.

“Android tablets are also said to support multiple devices on WhatsApp for Android! It’s under development and will be released in a future update.”

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This is great news for Apple lovers, but it’s not the only change WhatsApp could bring in the coming weeks and months.

The next big upgrade will allow Android to have more options for sending disappearing messages.

At the moment, you can set a chat to self-destruct after 7 days, which means that it will no longer be available for anyone to read.

A future update could add the option to have chats disappear within 24 hours or even over a longer period of 90 days.

It is believed that this feature will first be expected on Galaxy devices with a wider version than more Android phones. There’s no word on an iPhone version right now, but it’s likely that the feature will be available on these devices at a later date.

In a post on its website, WABetainfo confirmed: “WhatsApp has developed a new message disappear option that automatically deletes messages after 24 hours. This option was discovered in the Android beta update and was under development.

“The option is still under development, but WhatsApp is now working on introducing another option: 90 days! Yes, disappearing messages may expire after 90 days in a future update.”

If you want to learn more about the latest WhatsApp changes, check out our full guide on what’s what’s new in this chat app.

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