WhatsApp is nearly able to launch essential function that it has been engaged on “for years”

It took years to start the Facebook-owned company, but WhatsApp web and desktop users are finally about to get one of the messaging app’s most popular features. Until now, using WhatsApp on your laptop, computer or tablet meant maintaining a secure connection to your smartphone. This has been a major nuisance when your phone is empty, lost, or broken. There’s no way to check your messages without an active phone, and downloading chats and photos to a second device can be slow.

So this week, users rejoiced when the company announced it would add support for multiple devices. You can now use WhatsApp on up to four devices at the same time plus your phone. Even better, it works without a phone connection.

The delay was because WhatsApp wanted to ensure that users’ privacy was protected when switching devices. But it has developed some clever new technology to ensure that all of your messages are still end-to-end encrypted so that hackers can’t intercept and read them.

As a bonus, all of your messages and other data like stickers, archived chats, new contacts and starred messages are seamlessly synced between all of your devices. You can also start and answer WhatsApp calls from any device.

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As an additional measure, a new technology called Automatic Device Verification reduces the number of required identity checks such as security codes.

With the new feature, WhatsApp is ahead of rivals Signal and Telegram. Signal has end-to-end encryption but does not support multiple devices. Telegram’s encrypted “secret” chats can now only be read on one device.

About the upgrade, Will Cathcart, Head of WhatsApp said: “I am very excited to be launching a beta of our new multi-device function for @WhatsApp. Now you can use our desktop or web experience even when your phone is inactive and connected to the internet.

“Everything is secured with end-to-end encryption. We worked on that for a long time. @WhatsApp was previously only available on one device at a time. And desktop and web support only worked by mirroring your phone – which meant your phone be on and have an active internet connection. Our multi-device capability instantly improves the experience for desktop / web and portal users, and it will also be possible to add support for more types of devices over time. “

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait to benefit from the change. It is tested with a small group of users before it is rolled out more widely. We can hardly wait.

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