WhatsApp has an thrilling new rival constructed by former WhatsApp staff and you may strive it out now

“Instead, where you hoped to find your friends, you found ads, bots, likes, filters, influencers, followers, misinformation and more. Instead, where hoped for meaningful conversation, you fell into the rabbit hole of flashing red notifications and an algorithmic feed of meaningless content.

“Where you’ve been hoping for a safe place to keep in touch with your siblings, family members, neighbors and friends from college, you’ve found content from people you’ve never met before – it felt intrusive, even creepy on.”

How does HalloApp plan to stay afloat without advertising? Well, the business model will be instantly known to anyone who has used WhatsApp before it was adopted by Facebook.

On the company blog, Arora explains, “Unlike the old social networks, we believe privacy is a basic human right. HalloApp uses your phone address book to connect you to the real relationships in your life, and that’s it. Beyond that, we never collect , store or use personally identifiable information (we have no idea where you live, what you do for a living, or how likely you are to consume certain types of content), more importantly, we never show you advertisements.

“Instead, we plan to offer additional features at a low cost at some point.”

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