What number of baggage might Emily presumably have purchased in Paris? Anyway, I would like all of them


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The handbags in Netflix’s Emily in Paris Season two is certainly not for the faint of heart. Fashion connoisseurs might be surprised to find even more designer purses than in season one, according to costume designer Marylin Fitoussi, who advises renowned Patricia Field on the show’s wardrobe. “A lot of brands have been very enthusiastic about working with us and working with us on this project. That was absolutely not the case in the first season. So we got a lot of things that we never had, like handbags. Everyone wanted it have their handbags show in season two, “Marylin told POPSUGAR.

Among the classics of luxury fashion such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana, Marylin was certainly also many smaller Parisian brands. “[Field] gave me a carte blanche – total and total freedom – in choosing which designers to work with, so I decided to focus as much as possible on French brands and young French designers. ”

“Everyone wanted their handbags to be shown in season two.”

In particular, it refers to the house of Roger Vivier, which in the episodes provided an incredible number of bags to be carried by all characters. Patou, Longchamp, Carel and Moynat sent some of the other tote bags you will see (for example, Camille owns the Patou basket bucket in two different shades and it’s sure to be a hit). It’s not wrong to expect that these exact silhouettes are mostly from brand new collections and cost a pretty penny. But in case you’re unable to splurge and still want to get into the style, we’ve bought out flashy alternatives for you at various other price points. Read on for the full overview.

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