What makes the Weeknd’s halftime go well with totally different from all of the crimson fits he is worn earlier than?

While The Weeknd has stuck to its signature red suit lately, the look speaks to the theme of its overall character After business hours Album – He won Richfresh’s fashion designer Patrick Henry for his Super Bowl LV halftime ensemble. Fresh spoke to WWD prior to the show, he stated that he had originally teamed up with Abel Makkonen to create a suit for his godson’s christening. Obviously, The Weeknd loved the fit of this design because he turned to Fresh again. This look was inspired by movies like casino and Fear and horror in Las Vegasand it’s adorned with mother-of-pearl buttons and sparkles, which you probably caught a glimpse of as he strutted across the stage.

“I wanted to keep it really clean. Everything is done so that he looks very together when he’s standing still, but he can still move because Abel likes to move,” said Fresh, further explaining WWD What sets The Weeknd’s performance suit apart from the halftime costumes worn before it is that this is a high quality design. “We didn’t flog that. It’s something that was planned and formulated for a while. I gave him a product that I would make for him if he went to an awards show.” In front of you is The Weeknd’s special red suit, which glitters from all angles and is styled with black pants, a sleek black tie and black and white slippers. Then take another look at his entire set.

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