What are rose reduce diamonds? All you’ll want to know

Why we love them

Bigger looking diamond

Contrary to popular belief, the “carat” of a diamond relates to its weight, not its size. Since rose cut diamonds have eliminated the pointed lower portion, their entire carat weight is shown on the top. The result: a bigger looking diamond.

What it means: If you place a 1.00 carat rose cut diamond next to a 1.00 carat brilliant cut diamond, the rose cut diamond will appear larger.

More diamond for your dollar

Because of this re-proportioned carat weight, you get more visible diamonds for your dollar. For example, a 1.00 carat brilliant cut diamond measures 6.5 mm from the top view, while a 1.00 carat rose cut diamond measures approximately 7.5 mm.

More shape variation

Because of their flat base, rose cut diamonds can be cut into myriad different shapes – round, oval, pear, dragon, hexagon, square, and rounded square. And because of their customizable facet arrangement, rose-cut diamonds can also be cut into random and irregular shapes.

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