What are champagne diamonds?


Not to be confused with the diamond shape. “Cut” refers to how a diamond is cut and polished from the raw format. By far our favorite among the 4Cs, the diamond cut determines its gloss factor. The better the cut, the more sparkling and brilliant the diamond.

Just like white diamonds, champagne diamonds can be graded by the GIA for the cut, but are less likely to be in the lower color grades. When the diamond is rated, we recommend grades with a very good cut and higher.

One thing to keep in mind with any diamond, the most important thing is how it looks to you – does it shimmer, sparkle, and catch light from every angle? This is the sign of a really great cut. And of course, an experienced jeweler can examine the diamond for difficult-to-see aspects such as symmetry, polish and proportions, which together make the most beautiful diamond.

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Clarity refers to the degree of imperfections or inclusions in the stone. The fewer mistakes there are, the more valuable the stone is of course. In the case of champagne diamonds, we recommend opting for “eye cleaning” – that is, no defects are visible to the naked eye.

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