Welcome: Each OMG Magnificence Look from the purple carpet of the VMAs 2021

Over the years, MTV’s Video Music Awards have hosted some of the most iconic celebrity moments of all time. Think Rose McGowan’s 1998 “nude” dress (aka a barely-there dripping bead ensemble from Hanson’s label Maja), Lil Kim’s 1999 lavender sequin pie, Britney Spears’ 2001 python moment on stage, Lady Gaga’s raw meat project from 2010 … do you have to continue?

Noticing what our favorite entertainers wear for the festivities is always a wild and exhilarating ride, but their chosen aesthetic in the beauty department is just as important. (For example, what would Lil Kim’s above outfit be without her matching lavender-colored wig !?) We expect only the best from this year’s list of participants, and luckily we will catalog every single jaw-dropping beauty look in real time so you don’t miss a beat . Keep scrolling!

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