We tried this buzzy serum and it could possibly be magical

When it comes to a trendy beauty product, I’m always the first of my friends to try it. Even if it’s not new (maybe it’s just a cult item loved by the industry), I need to know for myself if all the chatter is legitimate. Like any clever beauty editor, I always hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Sometimes products are total disappointments while others are worth the hype. Such is the case with Lancômes Advanced Génifique Face Serum ($ 105). It has been a hero product of the French makeup and skin care company for years and is loved by skin care professionals and editors alike. In all honesty, I don’t know why I stopped using it in the beginning, but I’m grateful that it found its way back into my life. And now that it’s back in my skincare routine, I felt mean for not sharing it with my co-workers.

I asked three of them – Natalie Cantell, Michaela Bushkin, and Anneliese Dominguez – if they wanted to take their skin with them on a short but unforgettable journey. The idea? Find out if the serum’s big claim was true. Would your skin barrier get stronger after a drop? Would your skin look healthy and glowing in just a week? Only time would tell. Keep scrolling to learn more about the serum and see their honest experiences.

First, I would like to officially introduce the serum to you. This stuff is no joke, and it’s an industry favorite for a reason. The patented formula is not only based on 15 years of scientific research, but also consists of high-quality ingredients such as bifidus prebiotic, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, which help to visibly smooth, hydrate and refine the skin structure. The formula also speeds skin barrier regeneration (a strong skin barrier is key to maintaining youthful, healthy skin – remember!) It is widely known as the go-to serum for skin that looks smoother, softer and more even, with visibly improved radiance in one week and reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after a bottle. The best part? In just one drop, it strengthens your skin barrier.

“I’m in my mid 30s so I’m starting to feel the effects of growing up in New Zealand and Australia where the sun is no joke. But overall my skin is good! She’s not delicate at all so I am always ready to experiment with new products. (I’m especially prone to anything that promises a shine.) This year I’ve made a real commitment to consuming products and seeing what works. I’m getting more and more enlightened about my skin, and I’ve learned to prioritize hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. I feel good knowing that I am fortifying these ingredients with the Advanced Génifique Face Serum ($ 105) and my skin definitely feels more hydrated (although it’s okay right now) against the New York summer’s extremely aggressive approach to AC ). My new little favorite DIY cocktail is a full dropper of the serum and some liquid bronzer. It creates the perfect, almost non-existent, summer glow that shines from the inside out. “

“Depending on the week, I have a love-hate relationship with my skin. She is very sensitive and easily responsive to my lifestyle and the products I use, I will wake up Monday morning with more breakouts than usual. My skin is drier too, so anything that adds extra moisture to my face is one product I need to know about, quality items to help me age as gracefully as possible, and the Advanced Génifique Facial Serum ($ 105) is mine newest obsession. It really is the most dewy and delicious serum I have ever used. I feel like I have a very expensive facial every time I apply it that exceeded my initial expectations. While it dries without sticking, I’ve found that it leaves a subtle layer of moisture on my skin, making it plump. I really love how easy it is to incorporate into my daily skin care routine. Even in my laziest moments, it’s a drama-free move. The most important tip I have is to really let the skin dry after applying it. Brush your hair, floss, or organize a bathroom drawer – anything that will distract you long enough for the serum to really soak in before moving on to the next step in your routine. ”

“I’ve always had normal skin, but lately it’s been exceptionally dry. And as I got older, my skin has become more sensitive to products. Right now, I really can’t get enough of the Advanced Génifique Face Serum ($ 105). Before I tried it, I really can’t get enough of it. I was hoping it would moisturize my skin and relieve my need to keep moisturizer on all day. And it really did the job. After just a few days, my skin was already feeling chilled. How was I doing “You know this stuff was real? My fiancé praised my complexion and said it felt super soft. Total win! I also love its cool, smooth texture that is light and quickly absorbed. You can even use the serum.” Use on your lips or mix it with makeup for an extra shine. (Any double product is a winner in my book) I’ve only been using it for a few weeks, but my skin is so much more hydrated. I can finally stop obsessing over how dry my face feels. Dewy selfies, here I come! “

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