We already know that there’s a trendy Serena van der Woodsen Easter Egg within the Gossip Lady Reboot

Spotted on the steps of the Met: Could Kate be the next Serena van der Woodsen? Before the gossip Girl Reboot premieres July 8th Fans are looking every corner for clues to find out who New York’s new elite teens will be. Fortunately, costume designer Eric Daman provides clues as to what to expect in the form of stylish connections in the upcoming series.

During one recently Vanity fair In the interview, Eric determined a moment when Tavi Gevinson, who plays Kate, replicated an outfit that Blake Lively’s Serena used in the gossip Girl Pilot. Who could forget to see S in Grand Central Station with her tan jacket, striped top and scarf around her neck? It caught Dan’s attention, and it will always get our attention. Working on the show early in the morning, Eric brought his reboot talents back, meaning he’s the Easter egg planting expert that only eagle-eyed fans will notice. Get a look at the fun connection ahead of time.

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