Watching Sky, Netflix, and Prime Video free of charge simply landed a whole bunch on an enormous high quality

The fight against online piracy continues, and hundreds of people who have watched paid services like Sky, Netflix, and Prime Video face dire consequences. Over 200 people were arrested after subscribing to an IPTV service – which provides illegal access to paid subscription channels. The arrests came after police targeted a reseller of illegal streaming devices.

A total of 240 people were arrested, facing fines in excess of £ 20,000 and possibly imprisonment.

The arrests took place in a single region of Italy after law enforcement agencies spent years trying to reduce the availability of IPTV pirate platforms in the area.

According to TorrentFreak, the arrests took place in the Italian city of Piacenza.

All those arrested subscribed to an IPTV service that offered access to Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Dazn and Mediaset premium content.

The IPTV service costs around £ 8.50 per month – which is significantly less than legitimately paying for all of these services.

At that price, you effectively get free access to a range of paid services.

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To put it in perspective, Netflix’s basic plan costs £ 5.99 a month and the standard plan costs £ 9.99 in the UK.

Following these recent arrests in Italy, authorities are warning that fines could range between £ 2,213 and £ 22,131.

In addition, criminal violations related to the use of devices for “illegal decryption of access control to audiovisual broadcasts” could also be issued.

The news comes after Italian police also reported 223 IPTV subscribers to judicial authorities last year.

If they were found guilty, they would face a fine of 25,000 euros and a prison sentence of eight years.

Elsewhere, FACT UK investigators teamed up with police last month to send cease and desist notices to people suspected of providing illegal streaming services.

The operation targeted those offering illegal IPTV services, with notices being delivered to homes in Essex, Hertfordshire, West Yorkshire and Pembrokeshire.

FACT warned against monitoring all ongoing crimes and taking further action against persistent criminals.

At the time, FACT CEO Kieron Sharp said, “We are employing a number of tactics to prevent illegal streaming from being served.

“Our ongoing activity targets a select few in the global piracy landscape, taking into account the magnitude of the crime to ensure that effective and proportionate action is taken.

“With these measures we are sending a clear message. Piracy is fraud and anyone motivated by financial gain needs to know that it is a crime that is taken seriously by the police.”

David Hayes, on offer from West Yorkshire Police Department, added, “People may not think they are doing harm by selling streaming services for a quick penny, but if you choose to, you are breaking the law and there will be consequences if you get caught doing it. “

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