Watch Sky Q? You’ll remorse not studying these intelligent time-saving hacks sooner


Sky Q is packed with useful features – it combines dozens of live channels, on-demand series and films, and streaming libraries from Netflix, Prime Video and Disney +. The latest update also includes exclusive shows and films from the US streaming service Peacock at no extra charge. The Netflix rival is behind the recent revival of the comedy series Girls5Eva, directed by Saved By The Bell and Tina Fey. If you’ve owned a Sky Q for a while, you are probably already familiar with some of the most talked about tricks, such as: helps you find it instantly if it is lost on the back of the sofa. It turns out, however, that Sky Q has some useful innovations.

And it’s not just holidays. Sky has also created custom home pages that aggregate content from all live channels and on-demand services, including for major sporting events such as the Tokyo Olympics being postponed earlier this year. While the BBC had a number of highlights, the broadcaster didn’t secure the rights to air every discipline and event – Discover + was the only place where every medal could be streamed.

With Sky Q viewers getting a free one-year subscription to Discovery +, the Olympic Games home page has become an invaluable way to seamlessly switch between live broadcasts from the streaming services and retrospectives and summaries of the day’s events on the BBC, for example.

And now, Sky is sharing a number of new tricks that its customers may not be aware of. Published on the social media site Twitter with the social hashtag #QHacks, the satellite company highlighted features we had never heard of before.

First of all, did you know that Sky Q can tell you the latest weather forecast? Sure, you can tune in to one of several 24-hour news channels and wait for the latest weather forecast, but like an Amazon Echo or Google Nest smart speaker, you can also ask Sky to let you know what’s going on outside. If you have a lazy day sifting through that box set that everyone was telling you about, it could be an incredibly useful feature.

When you press and hold the microphone button on the Sky Q Voice Remote, you have to ask, “What’s the weather like?” to trigger the function. This works cleverly when you are watching a show and not interrupting what is happening on the screen. Instead, your content shrinks a bit to make room for a small panel on the right side of the screen that loads a four-day forecast of temperature and weather conditions. There are also shortcuts for tweaking your location and additional settings. If you can’t wait for the next weather report, this is a low-key way to get the information you need quickly.

While you probably already knew that you could use the Sky Q voice remote to search for specific series, movies, actors, and directors, you might not know that New Series is a list of all of the newcomers to Sky Q. As the nights fall, more and more blockbuster series pop up on our screens so it can be difficult to see all of the newcomers and recurring shows. This simple link means that you can see the latest shows on all of the channels in your Sky package. You can add them to your recordings as always or, if they are available on demand, start playing right away.

Sky Glass, the latest hardware launched by Sky, builds on the voice control functionality included in Sky Q by enabling hands-free calling for the first time. If you’re one of the first to get Sky Glass, you can use the same commands as above, but you’ll need to prefix your command with “Hey Sky” to wake up the distant. Field microphone array and make sure the TV hears your instructions.

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