Watch it stay on ITV Hub? You are lacking out on a terrific new characteristic for Love Island followers

If you’re watching the latest drama at the Love Island Mansion on ITV Hub, you’re missing out on an exclusive new feature from ITV. British broadcaster Shoppable TV has partnered with South Korean tech company LG to bring viewers to the in to put the products shown during the show in your shopping cart immediately – without taking your eyes off the latest new coupling

Boots is one of the first brands to sign up for the innovative new system. So when viewers with an LG discover a product that is used on the show they want to use, tapping a button will bring up an overlay with additional information about the item. Similar Boots products are also suggested to put the product in context. In addition, users can also view all available products of the episode of the show they are watching. If you like something, an additional tap will add the item to your shopping cart.

Payment for the item is not processed through your television – so you don’t have to worry about entering a credit card number with your remote control. Instead, a link is shared with your smartphone so you can securely pay with Google or Apple Pay in seconds.

Fans of Love Island with LG Smart TVs can start the shopping interface at any time using their TV remote control. However, you need to proactively log in to receive the notifications and use the shopping service so that those who don’t want to spend money while on TV in reality will not be bothered by pop-ups to add items to your basket .

To implement its new system function “see it, shop it”, ITV relies on code from TheTake – a contextual product recognition company specializing in AI. No updates are required for the functionality to work in millions of households across the UK as TheTake’s technology is built into LG TVs in the UK as standard. However, this new partnership with ITV is the first time it has been activated.

ITV initially launched on Love Island and has already confirmed plans to roll out its new shopping service to other shows in different genres for the remainder of 2021. Take technology is already live in the US on LG TVs in 2021, 2020 and 2019.

In the UK, all 2021 LG TVs have the technology built in as standard, while TheTake can be added to the 2019 and 2020 models via software update.

Bhavit Chandrani, ITV’s Director of Digital and Creative Partnerships, said, “This is a unique commercial opportunity and the next natural step in what we can offer brands. Love Island has been a fantastic platform for innovation in collaboration with commercial partners over the past few years and is the perfect show to introduce Shoppable TV before we roll it out on other programs. “

Pete Markey, Boots UK’s Chief Marketing Officer, added: “We are very excited to be partnering with ITV and TheTake on this new and innovative opportunity. The launch of Shoppable TV as part of our wider partnership with Love Island is a great way to help customers easily shop for the products they discover at the villa and recreate the iconic looks of the islanders from the show.

“It will simplify the customer journey and bring the Boots brand even closer to the Love Island audience.”

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