Watch Hailey Bieber and Dixie D’Amelio do the Air Power 1s Over Lady Discuss to one another

“You’re a sneakerhead from what I’ve heard,” singer and TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio told Hailey Bieber towards the end of her interview The Early Late Night ShowWhile the girls sat on the couch to talk about the pros and cons of the spotlight, as well as Hailey’s latest projects, the sneaker conversation sparked excitement and they headed to Dixie’s DIY table.

What followed was a messy crafting game where Hailey and Dixie swapped sneakers and matched Air Force 1s against each other. “I have a feeling these will never get on your feet, but that’s fine,” Dixie said at last, analyzing the new sequin-covered sneakers she’d made for Hailey – far from the white kicks Hailey was on Set wore.

Hailey’s creation for Dixie was much slimmer, with a light green upper and a simple black swoosh. Luckily, both styles can just as easily be rocked with the leather outfits they coordinated for their segment, although that would mean Dixie would have to launch their Doc Martens platform. Scroll to get a play-by-play of the entire scene, then make your own pair of shoes like Dixie and Hailey.

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