Vogue Italia is reaching for the celebrities with its covers from Could 2021

Since Emanuele Farneti took over Vogue Italia, we have had several topics as well as several covers. For example, there were 100 covers for September 2020. Not to mention the issues that cover everything from animals to everyday styles. Now, in May 2021, the magazine presents the Astrology issue with 12 absolutely collectable covers by Oliver Hadlee Pearch. Greta Elisa Hofer, Selena Forrest, Amar Akway, Caren Jepkemei, Maty Fall, Anna Ewers, Rebecca Leigh Longendyke, Quinn Mora, Loli Bahia, Grace Hartzel, Jill Kortleve, Miriam Sanchez and Sora Choi wear the same piece Chanel Pre-Fall 2021 selected by Charlotte Collet.


Even so, our forum members are certainly not fans. “Farneti could consult an astrologer to see that his ideas are terrible!” suggested DK92.

“Who is buying this? Not the worst, but still a total slap in the face, ”remarked an obviously unimpressed Dontbeadrag.

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While Style Savvy was clearly anything but overjoyed: “Could have done more with this topic, but what did we expect from Farneti?”

“I really like the concept, but the result is just as old, same old,” said LastNight.

“That’s ridiculously bad. Twelve astrological signs and instead of depicting what is unique about each sign, they dress each model in exactly the same outfit so that they all look exactly the same, ”said dfl-001.

“Was it really necessary to style every single girl with exactly the same Chanel outfit?” asked 90sbea.

“That’s boring on the next level. These photos contain neither life nor substance, ”complained a definitely disappointed Bluestar.


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