Vodafone provides one million prospects free information, calls and SMS

Thanks to a new non-profit initiative from Vodafone, a million people will soon be offered free data, calls and SMS. The new offer, called “Buy One, Give One”, gives consumers with financial difficulties the chance to get a Vodafone SIM card that they can use for a year. For every new and existing Vodafone Together household that is completely connected by Vodafone, the network then provides a person in need with a SIM card.

Each SIM card is preinstalled with 20 GB of data volume as well as free calls and SMS per month for up to a year. These SIMs are distributed over the Trussell Trust’s network of 1,300 panels.

Vodafone says it launched this offering to combat digital exclusion with the network and hopes to meet its goal of issuing 1 million SIMs to customers by the end of 2022.

At Vodafone’s Reinvent conference, Ahmed Essam, CEO of Vodafone UK, added: “Over the past year, people across the UK have realized the importance of connectivity and the important role it plays in many aspects of our lives – work, leisure, Education, health care and contact with the people who are closest to us.

“Today we are committed to helping one million more people connect and develop the knowledge and trust needed in a society that increasingly demands digital connectivity. “Buy One, Give One” puts the fight against digital poverty and the right action at the center of our business. “

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In addition to this generous free SIM incentive “Buy One, Give One”, Vodafone has also presented its new EVO tariffs, which are intended to offer customers more functions and flexibility. EVO will be launched later this month and will allow users to choose how much to prepay for their phones and how long the contract should run.

As with a mortgage, the more money you are willing to pay upfront for a smartphone, the lower the monthly repayments. So if you don’t have quite enough for a SIM-free iPhone 12 from the Apple Store but have enough to make a dent, you don’t have to pay for the odds every month with your contract. And you won’t be tied up for several years either.

According to Vodafone, the EVO plans will include easier upgrade options each year, and for those who want to keep their devices, Vodafone is even offering a free battery swap so your battery will be as good as new at the end of the contract.

Commenting on EVO, Max Taylor, Consumer Director at Vodafone UK, said: “In 2019 we shook the market with 5G at no additional cost and unlimited data plans. Now we’re changing the market again. With so many people on a tight budget, we’re introducing an entirely new way to buy smartphones, designed to put our customers in control and get the best possible value. “

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