Vodafone and EE are giving clients a giant enhance with half-price provides and extra knowledge

Uncontracted EE and Vodafone customers may want to check out the latest SIM offers from the UK networks. The two companies currently have some very tempting discounts, with EE increasing the amount of data on its entry-level plan to a whopping 160 GB (previously 120 GB) and Vodafone giving its users a massive 50 percent discount when signing up for a new plan.

All EE and Vodafone offerings include access to the latest and greatest 5G data speeds, allowing compatible phones to download files at speeds in excess of 300Mbps – around four times faster than the average fixed line broadband in the UK.

If EE is your network of choice, sign up now to get 160GB of 5G-ready data for just £ 20 a month.

This also includes unlimited calls and SMS and is based on a 24 month deal. For £ 5 more, you can also add an EE Smart Benefit which includes access to services like Apple Music, BT Sport, Apple TV + and free data roaming abroad.

Those who prefer the Vodafone network can also get a bargain with the company that currently offers unlimited 5G at half price. These offers last for six months before customers then return to the standard plan.

Here you can find all Vodafone offers at half price.

Unlimited LITE – Max. Download speed 2 Mbit / s
£ 11 a month for the first six months

Unlimited – Maximum download speed 10 Mbit / s
13 € per month for the first six months

Unlimited MAX – No limit on download speed
15 € per month for the first six months

The only thing to consider before signing up is the new data roaming fees from Vodafone and EE.

Anyone hitting a new deal will be hit by these fees for the next year, which cost £ 2 a day when using devices in countries like Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Germany.

If you do not sign up for a new plan, you will not incur these roaming charges. So it is worth considering how often you are likely to travel before signing a new contract.

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