Vodafone affords 5G for FREE: that is the way you get super-fast knowledge at no further price

Vodafone offers customers of its Voxi service free 5G data. All new and existing customers of the contract-free mobile network provider are offered the super-fast 5G mobile network data as standard “at no extra charge”. Voxi said the 5G upgrade “means any customer can download and stream up to ten times faster – even in busy places”.

When announcing the news on Twitter, Voxi said, “5G is fast. Really fast. And now we’ve added it to all of our plans at no additional cost. So you can enjoy super-fast, buffer-free # 5G at home and abroad for as little as £ 10 / month – all you need is a 5G-enabled phone. “

As ISPreview reports, new customers can claim even more data until July 29th thanks to a new deal.

This offers 15GB of data for just £ 10 – that’s the usual price for 8GB of monthly data.

In addition, Voxi also offers its customers endless data for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Twitter.

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You can also cancel your contract at any time and – unlike many other mobile network providers – Voxi continues to offer EU roaming.

So you can use calls, SMS and data in the EU without having to pay horrendous fees.

Please note, however, that the data has a fair usage limit of 20 GB.

If you likee the sound of this cell phone package then click here to go to the Voxi website.

Voxi also offers 20GB of monthly data for £ 15 a month – which is usually the price of 15GB.

This package offers the same benefits as the 15GB offer with one more added bonus.

The 20GB offer for £ 15 a month also includes Voxi’s Endless Video.

This means that you can stream TikTok or Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video without burdening your monthly data volume.

One of the great things about Voxi is its endless flexibility, which means you can easily cancel your Voxi plan at any time.

Voxi explains this function: “Our flexible monthly tariffs remain in control, so that you can change, pause or cancel your tariff at any time. Even if you buy a phone from us, this flexibility still applies and you are not bound by your VOXI plan. “

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