Virgin Media O2 clients acquired an vital free velocity enhance that may rival EE

Virgin Media and O2 joined forces back in June and the newly formed company is already driving some big changes. With millions of us in the UK this summer, the company has started boosting its cellular signal in a number of popular destinations, which should mean a better, faster, and more reliable connection.

Virgin Media O2 brags that it has delivered a 4G network boost in 31,300 zip codes so far in 2021 and that doesn’t stop there as it also upgraded nearly 600 cellular locations at popular UK vacation hotspots such as Bognor Regis, Bath, Falmouth, Plymouth hat, Cambridge and Stirling. These upgrades were introduced to handle the additional demand as millions of Britons are expected to be staying in the UK for their summer holidays this year.

Along with that 4G boost, there’s also an upgrade to the latest 5G signals with an upgrade that should mean more people are getting access to these super-fast speeds. Virgin Media O2 says it has continued to expand its 5G network, focusing on strengthening coverage in cities while rolling out the next generation network at tourist hotspots such as Edinburgh Castle, Bournemouth Pier, Tynemouth King Edwards Bay and Llandudno West Shore .

A number of museums and galleries will also benefit from the new 5G outdoor connectivity, including the V&A Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Natural History Museum, Mary Rose Museum, York Castle Museum and Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

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If you didn’t already know, 5G can deliver the internet to phones at speeds in excess of 300Mbps, which is about five times faster than the average fixed line broadband speeds in the UK.

You’ll need a 5G-enabled phone to access this networking technology, but almost all new devices, including the latest iPhone 12, are now compatible.

Commenting on the update, Jeanie York, Chief Technology Officer at Virgin Media O2 said, “After a year like no other, we know the importance of keeping in touch. That’s why we’re committed to delivering reliable connectivity to our customers across the UK – like our $ 448 million Rural Network investment.

“The numbers speak for themselves, with over 31,300 postcodes getting a 4G network upgrade this year, hundreds of tourist hotspots have been boosted, and a real focus is on improving our 5G experience where people are at most need. “

Of course, it’s not just O2 that is aware that people won’t jump into planes in 2021. EE also recently announced a similar boost designed to ensure users get faster internet speeds during this year’s Staycation boom.

EE says it has upgraded its 4G network in Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brighton, Dawlish, Gt Yarmouth, Isle of Sheppey, Maldon, Porthcawl and Rhyl.

Along with this 4G upgrade, EE is also rolling out its next-generation 5G signal in several coastal towns and cities, including Ayr, Blackpool, Brighton, Paignton, Poole, Porthcawl, Southend-on-Sea, Swansea and Weston-Super-Mare

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