Virgin Media is bringing its Sky Q rival to extra folks and it is simpler to get than you assume

Virgin Media is making its next generation TV 360 box available to all customers. So far only available to those paying for the Ultimate Oomph package, which starts at £ 89 but can cost up to £ 139 per month. Thankfully, there is no longer any limit to who can get your hands on the latest Virgin Media television kit.

For those who missed the announcement late last year, Virgin Media TV 360 offers a number of improvements over the previous hardware. Virgin Media has completely redesigned its user interface, which now offers simpler menus, faster navigation and a mix of catch-up content and live channels.

Like Sky Q, TV 360 offers wireless viewing in multiple rooms. So you can watch your recordings, live channels or on-demand services like Amazon Prime and Netflix from any room in your house without running new cables through the walls. And Virgin Media TV 360 is better than Sky Q, allowing 4K quality broadcasts to be broadcast wirelessly in your home, so those with a 4K TV in the bedroom can get the best picture quality when watching a movie in bed on a lazy Sunday morning .

TV 360 also brings profiles into the set-top box so that each household member can have their own personal recommendations based on their viewing habits. This is to ensure that blood-soaked horror movies are not recommended to younger viewers because someone else recently picked a movie in the living room in the living room.

Voice search is also displayed, which should save time entering the names, directors, or actors’ shows using the remote control and an on-screen keyboard. Elsewhere, HDR is supported in streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime.

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Better still, those looking to upgrade from a Virgin TV V6 box to the TV 360 experience don’t even have to wait for a new set-top box to be delivered. The new TV 360 experience, including personalized film and show suggestions, can be provided via a software update. To access the voice search function, you will need to wait for a new remote control to arrive in the mail. If you want to stream Ultra HD wirelessly to other rooms, you have to receive the new TV 360 mini boxes – but you will be able to get the new experience under control almost immediately.

Virgin Media said customers can now add the new TV platform to their broadband and TV package for a one-time payment of just £ 24.95. Entertainment enthusiasts can also add up to two Virgin TV 360 mini boxes for seamless viewing in multiple rooms throughout their home. The first mini-box is £ 10 per month and the second is £ 5 per month.

Virgin Media’s multi-room service lets you watch live TV, on-demand shows and recordings at the same time. Existing customers who purchase or upgrade to the Ultimate Oomph package can add Virgin TV 360 at no additional cost and will continue to receive their first mini-box for free.

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