Virgin Media broadband customers might quickly get a really epic velocity enhance

Virgin Media O2 continues to roll out its ultra-fast Gig1 broadband across the UK. Around 12 million households can now access these ultimate speeds. If you didn’t know, this 1 Gbps technology allows users to download Full HD movies in under 40 seconds and is around 14 times faster than the current UK average.

That might sound impressive, but things could get even better for Virgin customers as the company is currently testing its next generation of broadband, which will make things even faster.

As the internet-obsessed team at ISPreview reports, Virgin has just tested an upgrade on the streets of Edinburgh and Birmingham, with the company boasting of delivering broadband over its network at speeds in excess of 2.2 Gbps.

That’s double what the company currently offers, and would allow users to whiz the next Hollywood blockbuster onto their TVs in less than 20 seconds.

Best of all, Virgin can increase those speeds without digging up the roads, as all of this can be done with the company’s current infrastructure.

This new trail marks the third time Virgin has tested this latest technology, with previous studies taking place in Southampton, Thatcham and Manchester.

Commenting on the tests, Jeanie York, VMO2’s Chief Technology Officer, said, “We are on a mission to upgrade the UK and our ongoing network investments help ensure our infrastructure is ready for today and tomorrow.

“As the UK’s largest gigabit broadband provider, we want to keep getting further and faster. With our latest multi-gigabit test in Birmingham and Edinburgh, we are putting that commitment to innovation into practice, demonstrating the true strength of our network and preparing you for tomorrow’s technology. “

It is currently unknown when 2.2Gbps broadband will actually be available to paying customers, but as Virgin continues to conduct these tests, we may find that it hits households sooner rather than later.

The only thing users need to know is that it can be quite expensive. Gig1 already costs over £ 60 a month. So expect even higher prices when Gig2 becomes available.

In other broadband news, there is now a way to get broadband lightning fast on a budget. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Hyperoptic is offering its best 1 Gbps speeds for just £ 20 a month – that’s a saving of £ 40. This high-speed technology enables you to download a full HD blockbuster movie in less than 40 seconds.

This offer ends on October 20th, so don’t wait to take advantage of these huge savings too.

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