Virgin Media Brings Quickest Fiber Optic Broadband to 1000’s Extra Houses: Are YOU on the Listing?

Virgin Media is bringing its supercharged gigabit broadband speed to Wales for the first time. Hundreds of thousands of households in Cardiff and South Wales are now benefiting from an average speed of 1,140 Mbps. That’s about 18 times faster than the average connection speed in the UK. With the new broadband speeds in Wales, Virgin Media has now enabled gigabit speeds in all four UK capitals.

As millions of us continue to work, study and socialize from home, the UK’s average broadband speeds have come under the spotlight. The UK already has some of the worst average download speeds in mainland Europe, which Prime Minister Boris Johnson had pledged – until the £ 5 billion war chest earmarked for upgrading infrastructure dipped to £ 2 billion earlier this month .

The government’s new goal is to bring gigabit speeds to at least 85 percent of all UK premises by 2025. To date, Virgin Media has enabled gigabit connectivity for more than 7 million households, making it the UK’s largest gigabit provider. with a plan to roll out these next-generation speeds across the network by the end of 2021. As a result, Virgin Media will single-handedly contribute nearly two-thirds of the government’s minimum broadband target four years ahead of the target.

A gigabit-capable connection is currently not absolutely necessary. For comparison, Netflix suggests at least 5 Mbit / s for high definition or 25 Mbit / s for Ultra HD videos. So, you can imagine how many Ultra HD streams your home can have running at the same time before you notice any indication of stuttering or buffering (45 simultaneous streams for recording). However, those supercharged speeds will come in handy when the next generation of technologies like 8K streaming, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) apps, video game streaming or downloads are available for the latest generation of consoles like the powerful PS5 Game -Updates and more.

And since the use of broadband data increases tenfold roughly every seven years, these innovative technologies will be introduced sooner rather than later.

Virgin Media is giving away another serious broadband upgrade

Cardiff is joined by homes across South Wales for Virgin Media’s latest gigabit switch. Other areas that should benefit from the 1,140 Mbit / s speeds are Barry, Bridgend, Caerphilly, Glamorgan, Port Talbot and Rhondda Cynon Taf.

Cardiff Council Chairman Cllr Huw Thomas said, “Virgin Media’s investment in Cardiff, making the Welsh capital its next gigabit city, is great news for residents and businesses. While we want to recover from the pandemic, it is clear that telecommunications and connectivity are becoming even more important. With this investment, Cardiff has some of the fastest broadband speeds in the world that only businesses and people who work from home can help. “

Those who sign up with Virgin Media at Gig1 will benefit from the brand new Hub 4. Virgin Media was designed from the ground up and built the Hub 4 to offer gigabit speeds in the home. In order to transmit more than 1,000 Mbit / s throughout the house, Virgin Media has equipped the router with more antennas than the Hub 3 to enable a more reliable connection to your home.

This should help eliminate any connection dead zones around the house, the company said. Those extra antennas should also make sure the Hub 4 can juggle more devices better – handy if you have a large family or a house full of smart home kits, plugged-in speakers, and more.

Existing customers can install the new router themselves as nothing invasive like drilling holes in the wall is required to get the faster speeds. The new router leverages Virgin Media’s next generation broadband technology, DOCSIS 3.1, which is expected to be deployed across the cable network over time.

Jeff Dodds, Virgin Media’s chief operating officer, said, “At a time when our services are critical in supporting people’s lives and fueling the economy, Virgin Media continues to invest and as a result, our gigabit footprint is growing like a gangbuster. With our recent launch in Wales, all four UK countries and capitals can now benefit from our next generation connectivity, and the rest of our network will follow suit over the next year. Whether people work from home, study online, call friends and family via video or work with Gig1 on a 4K box, they can do everything at the same time without worries and without delay. “

Virgin Media’s network currently spans more than 15 million UK offices. Virgin Media continues to expand its ultra-fast network to more homes and businesses across the UK as part of its Project Lightning program. More than 2.4 million additional space has been handed over since the project began.

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