Virgin Media beats BT and Sky within the newest UK broadband velocity checks

Virgin Media offers the best broadband download speeds in the country. That’s according to a new study by Ofcom that found Virgin Media customers enjoy faster downloads than those using competing services like BT and Sky. The study, which looked at the performance of home broadband across the UK, found that Virgin Media’s 516Mbps service had the highest average download speed.

This Virgin offering had an average download rate of 490.3 Mbps and an average 24 hour download speed of 473.3 Mbps.

The next challenger to a competing service was BT, whose 300Mbps full fiber package offered an average download rate of 299.9Mbps and an average average download rate of 297.5Mbps over 24 hours.

In an online post describing their findings, Ofcom said it means BT customers could experience “more consistent download speeds”.

While Virgin Media is ahead in download speeds, it missed out on a category as research found BT had the best upload speeds.

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BT’s 300Mbps full fiber service had the highest medium and average upload speeds – 50.6Mbps and 50.4Mbps, respectively.

While Virgin Media’s 516Mbps service, which had the best download speeds, offered upload speeds in line with its 362Mbps service of around 36Mbps.

While BT emerges as a winner in this category, most internet users will benefit from better download speeds – as this results in faster web pages loading, movies and video games downloading faster, and the ability to reliably stream in higher resolutions like 4K .

Ofcom summarizes the results on broadband providers: “Virgin Media’s 516 Mbps service offered the fastest average 24-hour download speed of the packages in the report (490.3 Mbps), while the 300 Mbit / s full fiber from BT Dienst had the highest average upload speed (50.6 Mbit / s). “

Elsewhere, the study also looked at average home download speeds in the UK in general.

And the study found that the average home download speed in the UK is now 50.4 Mbps.

This was recorded in March 2021 and is an increase of 20 percent compared to November 2019.

Ofcom said this was due to more people switching to super-fast and ultra-fast services, with the increase in people working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic playing a role in this trend.

Yih-Choung Teh, Ofcom’s Group Director Strategy and Research, said: “Since the pandemic began, over two million households have upgraded their internet packages and broadband companies are rushing to meet UK speed demands.

“With the record build of fiber-optic networks, the UK networks are ready for the future. However, our numbers show that work is still needed to bring decent broadband to remote parts of the UK.”

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