Virgin Media and BT broadband prospects could possibly be tempted by these group fiber choices

If you’re based in the capital city, you may want to ditch your Virgin Media or BT broadband plan for a Community Fiber package. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) says it is London’s fastest network and offers lightning-fast download speeds of up to 3 Gbps. Community Fiber operates in 23 boroughs in London. So if you are out of the big smoke, unfortunately, you are missing out.

But now if you are a Londoner you can take advantage of some amazing savings. Community Fiber’s newly launched broadband plans start at just £ 20 a month for 75 Mbps.

For comparison, BT’s Fiber Essential plan costs more (£ 24.99 per month) and offers slower download speeds (35Mbps to 36Mbps). Virgin Media’s M50 Fiber Broadband plan, which offers an average download speed of 54 Mbps, costs £ 38 per month.

The Community Fiber 75Mbps plan runs for 24 months and costs £ 27.50 per month thereafter. The plan also includes a free Linksys Velop dual-band mesh router. The most noticeable savings, however, can be found on the super-fast 1 Gbps plan. This offers a whopping average download speed of 920 Mbps. And that plan costs £ 45 per month for 24 months, followed by £ 54 per month.

By comparison, Virgin Media’s gigabit broadband service (with average download speeds of 1,130 Mbps) costs £ 62 per month for 18 months, or £ 64 per month for broadband and landline. While BT’s Fiber 900 plan, which offers average download speeds of 900 Mbps, again costs more than Community Fiber – with this plan priced at £ 59.99 per month.

The ISP explains on its website why customers should choose Community Fiber: “We are London’s fastest network.

“The fastest fiber broadband: We are London’s fastest network with speeds of up to 3 Gbit / s.

“Our own network: We build, operate and own our dedicated, complete fiber optic network.

“Downloads and uploads at the same speed: great for games and video calls.”

Here are the full prices for the latest Community Fiber offerings. All plans include a free Linksys router, aside from the 3Gbps package which includes a free Zyxel router …

• 75 Mbps fiber broadband – £ 20 per month for 24 months, then £ 27.50 per month

• 200 Mbps fiber broadband – £ 25 per month for 24 months, then £ 32.50 per month

• 500 Mbps fiber broadband – £ 35 per month for 24 months, then £ 42.50 per month

• 1 Gbps fiber broadband – £ 45 per month for 24 months, then £ 54 per month

• 3 Gbps fiber broadband – £ 89 per month for 24 months, then £ 109 per month

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