Virgin and BT clients are trying the opposite approach! New fiber optic competitor achieves record-breaking broadband speeds

BT Broadband, Sky, Plusnet, Virgin Media and others are available in a variety of regions across the UK. Regardless of where you live in the country, you can likely use one or more of these companies to connect to the internet. Despite some major infrastructure upgrades in recent years, these broadband companies don’t always offer the fastest connections. If you are desperate to have the fastest broadband available and signed up with one of these companies, then you should stop reading this story and find another article you enjoy …

That’s because SwishFibre, which is only available in a few zip codes, was the first private broadband provider to pass the 9 Gbit / s milestone. Swish Fiber announced the breathtaking speed of 9,018.26 Mbps during a residential speed test on its full fiber broadband network in Gerrards Cross.

For comparison: the nationwide average broadband speed is 65 Mbit / s, making this new milestone from SwishFibre 138 times faster.

Netflix only needs 25 Mbit / s to stream its shows and films in the highest quality offered. In busy households, of course, few people are required to stream shows at the same time – or to try to back up their smartphone, download a new update, receive a video call, or update their computer too quickly at the same time. Fill a 65-Mbit / s connection and get stuck with the annoying st-st stutter.

As new technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 8K video streams spread, a full fiber connection is likely to move from a luxury to a necessity.

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It’s worth noting, however, that you’ll need a fairly specialized kit to take advantage of a speed of 9,018.26 Mbps. Most household routers reach a peak performance of 1 Gbps, so don’t expect to be able to stream at almost 10 Gbps over the WiFi in your home. You also need a desktop PC with an Ethernet connection that can handle these speeds.

As millions of people across the country are trying to make permanent changes to their work habits – extending their working hours from home, using video conferencing to connect with friends and family over long distances, streaming new box sets and new technology becoming more common to become – These speeds could soon be in demand. Virgin Media and BT are currently peaking at 1 Gbps, although these speeds are not yet available nationwide, although this is slowly changing.

The UK currently ranks 47th worldwide when it comes to broadband speed rankings. SwishFibre is one of several new startups trying to change that by installing brand new future-proof infrastructure to increase the speed of the broadband network.

Swish builds 10 Gbit / s access networks with the latest XGSPON technology. Every property consuming a Swish Fiber service is tied to the same Optical Network Terminal (ONT) on which those speeds were recorded. Swish Fiber currently plans to deploy its 10 Gbps full fiber broadband network to at least 250,000 homes and businesses in Home Counties.

Alistair Goulden, CMO of Swish Fiber, reported on the recorded record speed test “This is the first time we’ve seen such speeds on a private network in the UK. Every single property that Swish provides a service for can run at these very high speeds.

“While today’s in-home hardware and broadband usage doesn’t guarantee that lightning-fast service, it does mean our network is fit for the future. As technology advances in the years to come, Swish Fiber customers can be confident that their broadband will continue to grow to meet their future needs. “

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