Twitter down: web site and app are usually not loading? It is not simply you – as hundreds have gone offline

Thousands of Twitter users were unable to access their social media account tonight due to a nationwide outage. According to DownDetector, an independent service that tracks the performance of websites and online services by monitoring customer mentions on social media, more than 7,000 people complain about microblogging social network issues every minute. Using the location data stored with social media posts, DownDetector can show the concentration of complaints on a map of the UK, with London and Birmingham having the most offline users.

Twitter is available in your web browser. It also offers dedicated apps for iPhone, Android, as well as iPad and other tablets. Unfortunately, the current issues seem to have affected everyone of these options. Twitter has not yet commented on the ongoing problems.

However, that hasn’t stopped many users from posting messages saying they can’t tweet tonight.

One Twitter fan said, “Twitter was down for me. It’s back now, but very flaky.”

These problems are fairly common with online services. With a little luck, Twitter can identify the problem and fix the failure as soon as possible.

This is breaking news, please update the website for the latest information …

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