Twinky Flex put to the take a look at: the neon wall mild that bends all the principles

Twinkly Flex

RRP $ 100.00

“It’s the neon light that you can continuously adapt to any shape and design at home.”


  • Endless lighting adjustments with the app

  • Bright and dazzling colors

  • Easily bendable for unique designs


  • No possibility to combine two tubes with each other

When it comes to Christmas lights, nobody does it better than the smart light maker Twinkly. I’ve been excited about the company’s smart lighting line since I first saw it a few years ago. While the Christmas lights selection is quite large, there really isn’t anything that you could use all year round.

This is where the Twinkly Flex comes to the rescue, one of three brand new smart lighting solutions the company unveiled earlier this year during CES 2021. The flex is very similar to any other LED light strip, but it is encased in a sturdy tube that allows it to bend or bend. Think of it as a neon wall light, but which can be moved into any position you want – for that unique, individual look.


The Twinkly Flex measures 6.5 feet long followed by a cable of pretty much the same length that plugs into an electrical outlet. There are some double-sided adhesives and plastic sheets in the packaging to help shape the flex. I initially used the adhesives to design the word “love” on the wall, but the next morning I realized it was all falling apart – so I ended up using the screws provided to secure the plastic panels to the wall. It’s extra work, but it hands out the weight and design better than just the adhesives.

Wall mounted plastic guides for holding the Twinkly Flex design.John Velasco / Digital Trends

One of the hardest things about installing the Flex has nothing to do with the actual installation. Instead, it’s about figuring out which design to go by. There are some shapes and abstract designs to go with, but the 6.5 feet I had to work with was limiting at times. Unlike other smart LED light strips, you can’t physically connect two flex tubes together for more complex designs. Instead, you can use the app to buy multiple flex strips together.


The Twinkly app is pretty simple. After I was able to connect the Flex to my home’s Wi-Fi network, I was then able to choose which lighting effects to choose. In fact, there are many effects to choose from to suit your tastes – from standard colors that breathe to unique effects that display multiple colors at once. The options and customizations are endless so it is really fun to try.

While the preset effects are nice, there is also the option of creating your own custom effect that requires you to associate the Twinkly Flex with your phone’s camera. This process helps with the preset effects too, as some of them are directional – like some of the cascading effects that go from side to side or top to bottom.

Think of it like a traditional neon light sign you might see on a shop front.

There’s support for the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which is handy if you just want to speak voice commands to turn on the Twinkly Flex. The app also lets you turn the Flex on remotely when you’re not there, as well as setting up a custom playlist that scrolls through selected lighting effects for a set amount of time. With so many options and customizations, I really enjoy how I can choose different effects for holidays and special occasions. So yeah, it’s Twinkly’s year-round smart lights I’ve been waiting for!


Twinkly’s smart Christmas lights have never disappointed me and the Flex continues the trend of delivering mesmerizing effects accompanied by bright, dazzling colors. Because the LEDs are enclosed in a tube, you won’t get the overwhelming intensity of light that you get when LED light strips are exposed. In fact, the hose spreads the light evenly – so its glow is just the right amount.

Use the smartphone camera to take a photo of Twinkly Flex on the wall.John Velasco / Digital Trends

It is sure to dazzle in the dark and attracts attention with its shimmer. Think of it like a traditional neon light sign you might see on a shop front. It is the same intensity that gives any room enough atmosphere. For this reason, the Flex is best used as an accent light rather than a primary light source, much like a reading or spot light. Even though it’s isolated as an accent light, I’m still impressed with how it can dominate a room without being too overwhelming.

Our opinion

The price of smart LED light strips has dropped dramatically, so the $ 100 cost of the Twinkly Flex can be a shock to some people. However, I think it is worth investing as it is unique in the world of smart lighting. With so many dazzling effects to choose from and create, the only real limitation is determining which design is doable at just 6.5 feet.

Is there a better alternative?

When it comes to accent lighting, you can use the Govee LED light barthat’s a fraction of the cost. However, it’s best to use as an accent light that isn’t visible – not something that would stand open on a wall.

Like other smart wall lights, the Nanoleaf Elements have a rustic look with glowing LED wall panels, but are much more expensive.

How long it will take?

The Twinkly Flex’s sturdy outer casing feels sturdy enough if you want to bend and bend it multiple times. However, it is difficult to say how the lights will last over the long term with constant use. The LEDs are designed for 30,000 hours. If there is a defect, there is a 1 year guarantee that covers it.

Should you buy it?

With its year-round lighting solution in Flex, Twinkly proves that it can inspire, so the purchase is definitely worth it if you want to create variety with a dazzling visual feast.

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