True story: BTS made me purchase a bucket hat

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Like dreams and lime after tequila, fashion trends are meant to be chased. I’m a big trend hunter and I’m particularly in love with the nostalgic Y2K flashbacks that are exploding in the fashion landscape. But bucket hats. . . I was skeptical. They were a flashback trend from the 2000s that I wasn’t looking forward to. I’m ready for inflatable furniture, fishnet shirts in trippy rave patterns, nylon micro shoulder bags, and brightly colored oval sunglasses, but there was something about bucket hats that just didn’t suit me.

Maybe because I remember Bucket Hats as emphatically not sexy. In my last memory, they were only for the limp things dads wear fishing and babies to keep the sun at bay.

And then, like most other things in my life, I got influenced by K-pop.

I noticed how often BTS wears bucket hats. And how cute they looked while wearing them.

Namjoon, who wore a bucket hat while practicing the ‘Mic Drop’ choreo, was Insta-Crush material. j-hope’s habit of wearing ultra-bright bucket hats has conjured up images of cool ’80s Kangol icons like LL Cool J and Run-DMC. The swag SUGA had while wearing his favorite black canvas version was a cute, stylish reminder that bucket hats aren’t the saggy and genderless things I remembered them as.

I was also reminded of how versatile they were. I saw Bangtan with casual cotton bucket hats, ultra-luxury bucket hats with designer monograms, and bright and textured statement pieces. As an esoteric accessory, bucket hats come in a rainbow of styles.

I’ve swung so far in the other direction now that I realize it’s kind of a tragedy that we all stopped wearing bucket hats together. Bucket hats are a fashion hack – a secretly practical accessory that disguises itself as a trendy fashion move. Not only do they keep wind and rain at bay, but they’re a far more packable option than giant straw hats for a beach vacation.

Plus, bucket hats are the super easy way to instantly make any outfit better (and hide bad hair days at the same time). The jumpsuit, which I no longer wanted to wear, was immediately interesting again when it was crowned with a bucket hat. The slip dress, which felt too sexy during the day, was turned into a cute streetwear fit with a bucket hat and Air Force 1. The boring t-shirt-and-jeans standard was suddenly cool with a bucket hat.

Have I convinced you already? If you are still skeptical about adding a bucket hat to your closet, let BTS convince you as they convinced me. Read on for some of my favorite moments from BTS Bucket Hat, member by member, and shop for their * Cooking Kiss * looks.

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