Trip outfit concepts: monochromatic sweater & slip skirt


Now that the holiday season is in full swing, I wanted to bring you some holiday outfit ideas. One of my favorite pastimes in recent years has been pairing a sweater and a skirt. It’s simple, keeps you warm, and is great for different types of holiday parties depending on how you use your accessory. A solid color pairing (wearing the same color top to bottom) is slimming too, which is definitely helpful for the vacation. This season I love crew neck sweaters and slip skirts.

I like a lighter colored sweater and a darker skirt in the same color family. Carrying a lighter on top brings the eye up, which will help minimize your bottom half. Plus, it’s easier to use different shades of the same color as you don’t have to worry about the pair going together perfectly. It is completely optional for your dogs to fit in flies.

Here are some colors I love for the holiday season:

Blue sweaters & skirts

Brown sweaters & skirts

Green sweaters & skirts

Wine Sweaters & Skirts

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