Traits come and go, however these 17 luggage will at all times encourage us

It’s time to confess: if we could only buy one accessory forever, we would buy bags. First of all, we have cell phones and wallets and lip gloss, and we need a place to keep them. Plus, they’re just fun to look at. If you are looking for a new carryall, we recommend investing in something classic. They know the picks that go with every outfit. Refined and elegant, these 17 bags are always winners.

Whether you like a shoulder bag or a handle, a tote bag or a mini bag, you can find something in our list that you will love forever. One of the best aspects of bags is that if handled properly they can have a really long lifespan. Invest in your bags and invest in your wardrobe. Also, so we don’t forget that they are just so pretty! Designer picks and fast fashion options have a home in our closets, and after you’ve bought these styles, they’ll likely have a home in yours too.

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