Tips on how to Put on an Engagement Ring (And The way it’s Completed Across the World)

You’ll be wearing your ring every day after all – you should LOVE it just like you love your partner. If you both happen to pick the same design, that’s perfect too! Whatever feels right to you – pay no attention to the so-called rules of engagement.  

Do You Have To Wear Your Ring(s) 24/7?

Definitely not! Truthfully, if you’d like your sparkling new engagement ring to last a lifetime, we recommend taking it off during any activity that could possibly damage it. While it’s beautiful that your ring represents your eternal love, it’s also not invincible. Show your ring love by removing it during heavy workouts, while sleeping, in chlorinated pools or hot tubs, and in the sand or dirt.

In general, if you have a feeling your ring might not like what you’re about to do, play it safe and put it aside!

Do I Have To Wear The Ring on My Finger?

No way! Think Carrie Bradshaw and her engagement ring-on-a-chain vibe! While that didn’t work out so well for her and Aiden, it’s not a bad omen, we promise. Also, sometimes your engagement ring just won’t fit on your finger! In times like pregnancy, fingers swell up like crazy, and instead of putting your ring away until your fingers deflate post-baby, you can wear it around your neck and keep it ‘close to your heart’ as Carrie would say!

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