TikTok’s new favourite style model is – look ahead to it – Abercrombie

Abercrombie & Fitch is trending on TikTok both via influencers and curve models (see you, Remi Bader!) And everyday buyers. The hashtag #abercrombie currently has 61.7 million views (and counts). As a millennial myself (and no less a self-proclaimed shopaholic), I was intrigued to say the least.

I’ll be honest, the last time I thought about your old A&E was in high school when I could barely afford anything the store had to offer. Coupled with the fact that I never felt like I was the right shape or size for clothes, this meant Abercrombie was hardly a stop for my wardrobe. Heck, I barely set foot in the place. But my mind changes.

As it turns out, if I had mixed feelings about Abercrombie, I wasn’t wrong. The brand was in hot water a few years ago when former CEO Mike Jeffries made some rather unfortunate, body-shaming comments. However, the company is now under new management – its new CEO Fran Horowitz is from sister company Hollister – and is making a significant effort to improve its reputation through new, comprehensive product offerings. When I revisited the site recently (because it’s still a pandemic and I’m not ready to go to the mall just yet) it immediately became clear that the brand was moving in a new direction that is long overdue.

When I tracked down Abercrombie & Fitch, I couldn’t find the high school-focused retailer that made clothes for one (objectively small) body type. Instead, I found a very stylish collection of items that a millennial woman like me could turn to for casual, business, and semi-formal occasions in a variety of sizes. These clothes are not just for “skinny” people, as the ex-CEO once claimed (I actually shuddered as I wrote this) – they are clothes for all body types and in sizes that actually reflect it.

“This is a new age for Abercrombie and there is much more to come.”

Over the past year I’ve tested a variety of A&F offers, both during the cold and warm seasons. Overall, I’m impressed with the quality: the sweaters are thick and warm, the dresses are well tailored, and the paper bag shorts are hands down the best shorts I’ve ever worn – true story.

“Inclusivity isn’t just about being in front of the camera for a campaign,” said Corey Robinson, SVP and Head of Design & Merchandising at Abercrombie & Fitch, exclusively to POPSUGAR. “It’s about listening to our customers, getting the details right – designing jeans to fit a waist gap, sourcing fabrics that flatter all bodies, creating gender-specific product lines, and designing shorts to fit different shapes and sizes estimate.”

A&F SVP and Head of Marketing Carey Collins Krug reiterated Robinson’s assessment, reiterating that the brand makes inclusivity and equity the cornerstone of everything it does. “We’ve doubled the fit, comfort, quality, size inclusiveness and style of our products,” said Krug. “Our website, social media, campaigns and the Abercrombie team are more representative of the world around us. This is a new age for Abercrombie and there is much more to come.”

While a brand’s reputation certainly cannot be improved overnight and there is definitely much work to be done in correcting the wrong, I hope for the future of Abercrombie. Frankly the evidence is in the pudding clothes. Keep scrolling to see Abercrombie’s comeback on TikTok and shop for some of our favorite items for yourself.

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