Throw your Dyson away from rival Shark for a vacuum … and you might pay £ 1,000


Are you tempted to switch to a new vacuum cleaner? While the brand on everyone’s lips is usually Dyson, there’s a very good reason to pick one of its biggest rivals right now, Shark. That’s because the company is giving its customers the chance to win £ 20,000 in prize money when they buy a new cordless vacuum cleaner, steamer or hair dryer at the end of December. You will automatically be entered into the raffle if you spend more than € 30. Don’t you like these chances? There is also a daily price of £ 1,000 that is also available – with a prize drawing from the list of customers who bought the day before!

For those looking for a Shark vacuum cleaner this is the award-winning wireless anti hair wrap stick is a good bet. This cleaner offers 40 minutes of battery life, which should be more than enough to clean your home or car. Unlike competing Dyson cordless vacuums, the Shark’s battery can be charged either inside or outside the vacuum – allowing people with larger homes (or those who want to do a little more thorough cleaning) to switch between two batteries for instant charging. The battery indicator clearly shows how much charge you have left.

Better still, this model supports Shark’s clever “Flexology” design, which can be twisted so that the vacuum cleaner can get under low-lying furniture such as beds, sofas and coffee tables. A pair of LED spotlights on the front of the motorized tool help illuminate hidden dust under furniture and in dark corners.

The trademarked sealing system inside the dust container traps 99.9 percent of all dust and allergens, so you don’t have to worry about something unpleasant getting back into the air while cleaning your house.

Unlike Dyson, Shark vacuums also come with a 5 year warranty (although the battery only has a 2 year warranty) so you don’t have to worry about not having to worry when using yours shiny new vacuum cleaner something goes wrong.

If you’re more into hair care, this is the Shark STYLE iQ hairdryer is a must. Ahead of its launch earlier this year, Shark announced that its engineering team went through a staggering 500 individual prototypes that were tested by approximately 200 salon customers before the company finally ditched the final design. Like Dyson’s hugely popular Supersonic, the Shark STYLE iQ hairdryer isn’t exactly cheap. This is clearly designed as a premium product for those who want a high end dryer. The STYLE iQ is £ 229.99 when it launches while the Intelligent Styler accessory costs £ 29.99 each.

According to the company, the stylish new dryer will combine fast air performance with “next-generation intelligence” to generate high-speed ionized air. This should ensure quick drying for all hair types – without the risk of heat damage, Shark has revealed.

There will be three intelligent stylers at launch – including a diffuser, a 2-in-1 concentrator and a style brush attachment. When you attach these add-ons to the hair dryer, the heat and airflow settings are automatically adjusted for the best results. That’s a really clever touch that you won’t find on the competing Dyson product. If Shark STYLE iQ owners want to experiment for themselves, the three temperature settings and three airflow settings can of course also be set manually.

To enter the £ 20,000 raffle (or £ 1,000 daily cashback giveaway), you must purchase one of these products – or anything else from the Shark or kitchen-centric sister brand Ninja, £ 30 or more costs from 23.12. Any qualifying purchase made during the Sweepstakes Period will be entered into the Grand Prize Draw. Prizes will be paid by wire transfer, Shark says.

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