Three mobile clients should take this recommendation TODAY or endure a severe invoice shock

If you want a new smartphone or if you want to change your three-SIM offer, then register today. The UK network is about to make a big change in its plans and could face a serious bill shock for some customers.

Now when you buy a new iPhone 13, Galaxy S21, or simply switch to an unlimited SIM card, you get Three’s hugely popular Go Roam service at no additional cost. With this useful extra, customers can make free calls, surf the web, and text messages when they visit more than 70 countries, including the United States and Australia.

Sadly, Go Roam will be sent to the junkyard starting tomorrow October 1st, with anyone signing a new contract after September 30th facing higher bills next year. Three has confirmed that new device usage fees will be introduced starting Jan.

It adds £ 2 per day if you are using a phone in Europe and £ 5 per day if customers are further away.

That could mean getting a £ 70 bill for a two-week break in Florida or £ 28 if you’re on the beach in Spain.

If you have a family of three of three it can get very expensive with hundreds of pounds in bills. So getting your contract in place now is important if you want to avoid the hike.

Three has been offering Go Roam since 2013 and that’s one of the reasons why so many customers have stayed so loyal to the network, but the network says it just isn’t able to continue offering free calls, SMS, and data to everyone.

A spokesman for Three explained the update: “All customers who sign a new contract or upgrade with Three from October 1, 2021, will pay a fee of GBP 2 per day customers when roaming within the EU from May 23, 2022 and customers who signed a contract before October 1, 2021 will not be affected by these changes.

“The new fee ensures that customers know what they are paying for when they use their phone in another country, and only those who pay for the service for roaming. It also ensures that we can continue to invest in our UK network. “

Of course, Three isn’t the only network bringing in roaming charges with EE and Vodafone, and both of them are charging some customers £ 2 a day to use their phones in the EU as of January.

O2 is doing things a little differently as its customers are now restricted by a fair use policy which means they cannot exceed 25GB of data while outside the UK.

Once this balance is used up, a charge of £ 3.50 for each additional 1 GB will be added to bills

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