This Vogue TikToker makes a speciality of curvy physique OOTD concepts and I’m taking notes

Getting dressed, especially on days when you don’t want them to, is like unboxing a brand new pair of Chelsea boots after you’ve updated the Track Order page for two weeks – it gives you an instant mood boost. Within 60 seconds per video, fashion TikToker Kristine Thompson, aka @trendycurvy, manages to recreate that feeling with her body-positive outfit styling tips for curvy bodies.

Describing her style as “classic and modern with a twist,” Kristine is best known for her style advice, outfit inspiration videos, and tutorials on how to turn everyday outfits into something worth sharing on your Instagram grid become. “I grew up in a time when plus size was a bad word. The only time that plus size was talked about in fashion was about what we couldn’t wear or what wouldn’t flatter us. And it was like ‘Well what am I wearing then?’ “Kristine said to POPSUGAR.

Kristine takes inspiration from celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross, Gabrielle Union, Zendaya and Rihanna and has recreated outfits from stars like Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez and Michelle Obama. Kristine hopes through her fashion videos to help people of all shapes and sizes adopt their style and sexuality and have the confidence to “not apologize to themselves”. “This content is needed,” said Kristine. “There are a lot of women out there who feel like they’re not getting the styles and trends and advice they rightly deserve.”

To fill those gaps, Kristine supports brands like Smash Shoes, which make shoes for sizes 10-14, and encourages her viewers to experiment with her personal style on a daily basis. “Have a base and a uniform that you are comfortable with and that makes you feel great, and then you can experiment from there,” advised Kristine. “Try it for yourself, see what you are comfortable with and just experiment, because fashion is supposed to be fun. It’s not about rules and checkboxes. It’s supposed to be an expression of your personality, so have fun with it . ”

“My first introduction to body-positive movement was when black women said externally, we love our bodies, we love our curves, we love everything about them.”

As well as advocating for body inclusiveness, Kristine advocates diversity in the fashion industry and wants curvy colored people who see their content to see themselves represented and celebrate their bodies. “There has been a lot of talk about size differences, but not that much talk about variety, skin color and size,” she said. “And I find that really unfortunate because black women have always had curvier bodies. So this is nothing new to us … My first introduction to body-positive movement was that black women externally said that we love our bodies, we love our curves, we love everything about it, I think it’s important when we talk about body diversity, when we talk about the media and how we portray plus sizes, that we don’t forget the sector that really pushed this movement forward and these are blacks Women. “

After blogging about fashion for eight years, Kristine also created her own curvy line of clothing, KIN, named after herself, her mother Iris and her sister Nicole. “I feel like so many women feel like they have to hide and that they can’t partake in certain styles and trends and that they feel left out of a lot of things,” she said. “And I hope that I can show you that you don’t have to feel this way and that you can count on any size. Trust is a mindset that doesn’t have a size number attached to it.”

As an influencer, Kristine knows that a positive self-image is not a reality around the clock, but hopes that viewers will be inspired by her content and gradually adopt this positive attitude every day. “What is realistic is that you can choose every day to be kinder to yourself and that you can choose how you look at yourself every day. And that has power,” she said. “And when you start to think of yourself in a better light, it becomes your reality.” Check out some of Kristine’s best style advice videos here.

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