This sustainable model will make you rethink the way in which you purchase jewellery

While we often think of jewelry as sentimental items, very rarely do we think carefully about where it comes from. This is what founder and creative director Matilde Mourinho had in mind when she started her sustainable line Matilde Jewellry. The brand lives from making a difference and taking transparency into account for everything from the materials to the packaging to the employees. That said, the brand’s pieces aren’t lacking in quality or design, and it really makes it more accessible for everyone to own ethical and thoughtful jewelry.

The brand’s metal suppliers buy pre-loved gold that can be refined and made into new pieces, making it 100 percent recyclable. In addition to its environmentally friendly approach to gold, it also uses laboratory grown diamonds, which are greener and more socially friendly. These lab grown pieces are visually, chemically, and physically identical to mined diamonds, so you won’t even know the difference other than to be comfortable with your purchase.

When you’ve sold out and ready to snag some sustainable pieces for your own collection, or if you think this might be the perfect Mother’s Day gift, we’re here to help you shop. While some of the prices are on the high end, you know you are getting high quality gold and diamond materials that are less harmful to our planet in many ways, and that’s priceless, right? We have put together some of our favorite pieces from the line beforehand so that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

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