This Roborock H7 cordless vacuum cleaner has a intelligent characteristic that your Dyson cannot compete with

There’s no shortage of competitors hot on the heels of Dyson – a company known for its cordless vacuums. Dyson isn’t resting on its laurels and introducing some really innovative new technology (its latest vacuum package has a laser-controlled motor head and intelligent microbe detection), but that doesn’t mean competitors aren’t innovating too quickly.

Roborock is one such company. While the brand, which is part of Xiaomi’s ecosystem of smart home gadgets, already has a number of smart vacuum cleaners under its belt, the Roborock H7 is only the second battery stick design ever.

Aside from some impressive specifications as a vacuum, the H7 has an unexpected trick up its sleeve. In addition to vacuuming every corner of your house, this cordless device supports a mop head too. There is a special wiping mode that you can use to clean all (newly dust-free) hardwood or tile floors in your home.

Of course, this is not so common with cordless vacuum cleaners.

The mop head doesn’t come in the box, so you’ll have to spend a little more to get one. However, if you are short of space at home, you can combine two household products into one. Like most cordless stick vacuum cleaners, the Roborock H7 also has a wall-mounted charging station called the Magbase Easy Store.

In addition to the vacuum cleaner itself, various accessories and extensions can be stowed in this, so that everything is stowed away and easy to find when charging the Roborock H7.

Not that you have to charge Roborock’s latest vacuum cleaner too often. According to the Chinese company, “Eco mode” allows you to clean for 90 minutes continuously before the battery indicator starts flashing. If you need a little more suction power, battery life is cut in half, with “normal mode” being around 45 minutes on a single charge. Charging from the apartment takes 2.5 hours.

When it comes to filtration, Roborock says you can trap up to 99.99 percent of the particles – as small as 0.3 microns. This is supposed to improve the overall air quality in your home, which is a nice little bonus.

With Roborok, allergy sufferers can also cleverly connect disposable dust bags, which not only expand the storage capacity of the dust container for a marathon vacuum cleaner, but also reduce air pollution from allergens when disposing of the dirt from your floors. Most will not need this function, however, as the Roborock H7 has a capacity of 500 ml.

For comparison, the £ 599 Dyson V11 Absolute only has a slightly larger 0.7-liter dust bin while The Pure Cordless magnifying glass designed by ex-Dyson engineers has room for one liter of space in the trash can.

The Roborock H7 will launch for customers in the United States next month at a price of $ 500 (£ 350). A release date for the UK, Europe or Australia is not yet known. But keep our fingers crossed that we won’t wait long for this battery stick to end up on the shelves elsewhere.

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