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There are so many cream blushes coming out this year! Today I thought we were going to look at two incredibly similar shades of multicolored eyeshadow and see if we can dial in to why one makes more sense than the other. These are very similar, but it definitely got me to think long and hard!

Learn how to make more critical comparisons between two products as you choose between two options, whether you are in debug mode or considering a new purchase or have been tempted by something new and shiny!

Clionadh Trefoil versus Terra Moons Mood Ring

The analysis

Finished High-gloss metallic with a fine sheen Smooth metallic, moderate gloss
colour Multichrome with black base, blue-blue-green-green shift Multichrome with black base, blue-blue-green-green shift
pigmentation Opaque Opaque
texture Soft, moderately supple, slightly dense Soft, slightly supple, less dense
longevity Starts to fade after 8.5 hours, fades evenly Starts to fade after 8 hours, fades evenly
application Applied dry and can be used with a dampened brush Applied dry and can be used with a dampened brush
Accessibility Online only, direct only, based in Canada, pre-order Online online, direct only, based in the USA, pre-order
Price / size In the upper price segment for multichrome, shipping costs may be higher for certain customers due to the Canadian location Somewhat cheaper, shipping can be lower for certain customers
packaging Just pan Just pan

Reasons for Clionadh Trefoil: The color and finish give the shamrock a more inky quality as the black base was a bit richer and deeper, while the sheen made it look a bit more intense overall. The formula is smoother, a little creamier, so it has a little better adhesion and longevity. I find that the shift stays longer – about an hour – more intense compared to Mood Ring. If you love the look of wet-applied eyeshadow but don’t want to use a wet brush, Trefoil has this dry effect.

Reasons for Terra Moons Mood Ring: I think it’s a little easier for someone who hasn’t used Multichrome before to work with it as the black base wasn’t quite as intense. So I found them more forgiving and easier to use. It wasn’t as pliable, which may be preferred for those with oilier lids, as sometimes denser, more pliable formulas can wrinkle more easily. Since the finish of this shade was smoother and not quite as shiny, I’d expect it to be more forgiving of lid texture. If you only buy a color or two and you live in the US (at least for other regions!) The shipping is cheaper (free from $ 65, while Clionadh shipping starts at $ 15 and does not offer free shipping).

Editor’s Choice: I prefer the slightly smoother quality of the shamrock as well as the glossier, more intense finish. However, if I were to order just one or two colors from either brand, I would go for Mood Ring as the cost difference would be too big for these minor differences – Mood Ring is still quite smooth and metallic with great intensity and without possession both, I would never think that there are real differences (even if they are so small).

Bottom line: You can’t go wrong with either color because they are very, very similar. The price for everyone is comparable, but it is likely the difference in shipping costs that determines which is the better “deal”. The colors are nearly the same, while the formulas both perform well with subtle differences that result in subtle differences in the overall finish, but the application of the two is similar.

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