This model provides us on a regular basis romance with Valentine’s Day lingerie

While mastering the mystique of lingerie for French girls seems like a momentous task for every day, I am subtly reminded to improve my game. It feels good! I definitely go differently with fine lace outfits that hug my body. Think of great underwear as the foundation of a great outfit that exudes just as much style and confidence. If Bridgerton teaches us everything, it is to live in the sensuality of the moment and do it for yourself. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to refresh your lingerie drawer and start off with everyday luxuries. I always say: “Treat yourself!”

I wrote that 20 percent of French women’s wardrobe spending goes on lingerie. Well, Gap has some great deals right now and you can save 20 percent with the code ADDON or 50 percent with the code BIGSALE. You don’t have to break the bank that often, but it will surely look like you did.

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