This low-cost broadband deal from TalkTalk will get you £80 FREE to spend on Amazon

With record-breaking price hikes on the horizon For existing broadband customers, there has never been a better time to switch to a new offering. And thankfully, TalkTalk has just launched a competitive new pair of broadband deals that come with a free voucher to spend at Amazon, Tesco, M&S or anywhere that accepts Mastercard, which is basically…everywhere. As if that wasn’t enough, TalkTalk has lowered its price fiber 35 and Fiber 65 offerings also – offers an even bigger saving.

TalkTalk has lowered the price of Fiber 35 to £20 a month – with no upfront payment or setup fee. For this price, you’ll enjoy average download speeds of around 38Mbps, which is enough to comfortably stream Netflix in high definition (minimum 5Mbps recommended), but may struggle if you’re watching 4K Ultra HD (25Mbps). s required) while other people stream music, back up their photos, make video calls, or do other online activities. Sign up for the 18 month contract and get a £60 voucher to spend at Amazon, Tesco, M&S or anywhere Mastercard is accepted. That’s enough to pack one of Amazon’s Eero mesh WiFi devices, which can improve the coverage of your wireless network throughout the home so you don’t have dead zones.

Of course, you don’t have to spend the voucher on something broadband-related, you can also treat yourself to a bumper-week purchase from M&S or Tesco.

If you want faster download speeds, look no further than the TalkTalk Fiber 65 bundle, which increases the average speed to 67 Mbit/s. That costs the same £20 a month as Fiber 35. Of course, when the 18-month contract ends your bills will cost a little more than those on the Fiber 35 deal, but at that point you can renegotiate monthly bills or switch providers at the best deal available…so there’s really no reason not to take advantage of this faster option.

The TalkTalk Fiber 65 bundle not only offers faster broadband, but also a more generous coupon. Buy this pack and get a £80 voucher to spend at Amazon, Tesco, M&S or any store that accepts Mastercard. And just like the Fiber 35 deal above, there’s no upfront payment or setup fee either.

When it comes to other broadband offerings that rival TalkTalk’s latest offering, you have to look pretty far and wide. Plusnet charges £23.95 per month for the same 66Mbps speeds as the TalkTalk Fiber 65 bundle. Like TalkTalk, it has dropped the setup fee and includes a £70 voucher. So you get the same speeds for less money and a bigger coupon every month. BT currently charges £27.99 per month for its slower download speeds of 50Mbps.

In fact, the only deal that comes close is this Vodafone’s big winter sale, whose slightly faster 73Mbps broadband plan drops to £20 a month. As with TalkTalk, there are no upfront costs. But sadly, there’s also no free coupon to spend on Amazon or M&S (if you want a buffer-free connection at home, Vodafone offers a 100Mbps connection – that’s about 30Mbps faster than average Broadband speed in the UK – for just £3 more every month).

TalkTalk’s current offers end on January 26, 2022, so if you want to grab one of these incredible discounts, you’ll need to act fast.

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