This is model your denims in 2021 in case you have utterly forgotten like us

I’ll be the first to admit that the second we started from home, I tossed my jeans on the back of my closet. Every time I reached for my sweatpants, they became a distant memory. But a year later I want to get dressed and slip into my favorite jeans to put together a semblance of an outfit in the morning. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve seen so many amazing street style moments on social media that make me even more drawn to dressing up.

If you’re like me and you’re wondering if there will be new ways to style your jeans in 2021, then you’re right. While Gen Zers started the heated skinny jean debate over TikTok, there are even more polarizing trends like low-rise jeans making a comeback, and somehow I don’t hate it. Whether you style your frayed jeans with a simple white T-shirt and a brightly colored bucket hat or opt for low-slung jeans and combine them with a crop top and duster, there are plenty of new outfit ideas to choose from. Check out some of my favorites.

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