This controversial wedding ceremony pattern is turning into a factor


After three weddings in the past year, you’d think my dress planning energy and bank account would work up a sweat at the thought of buying another dress for a weekend wedding, but here I am with this trend that I started accidentally : Wedding reception second glances. Listen to me why I am so for this idea. Weddings are one of the few occasions when you can see all of your favorite people in one place, and if you have been selected to be part of the wedding reception (which is a great honor) it means that you will be in the same or similar clothes other girls in the party.

For this reason, I suggested a “second look” to one of my friends for a bridal shower. I admit I was joking a bit when I suggested it, but when my boyfriend got on it I thought we should make it an official thing. My girlfriend and the bride-to-be said if bridesmaids want to change she is totally down and wants everyone to enjoy the night and be comfortable in whatever they are wearing. This is by no means required, but it is simply an option for those who want to switch in the middle of the reception after the bride puts on her second look. When I casually chatted about it in the office, the topic became quite controversial as the 50/50 team was torn for and against the idea.

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